Easy Spring Wreath


I searched my local craft store for a spring wreath, but was unable to find one fitting to my personal style.  (Or budget!  Those things aren’t cheap!)  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own budget spring wreath.  All of the materials I used to complete this wreath were things I already had in my craft stash, so the cost was super budget friendly- free!

I started with a thrift store grapevine wreath and some old pages of a book that I had used for another project.  I gathered a few buttons for flower centers, and scissors and hot glue.  After a few attempts at hand drawing flowers, I decided to print out a template from my computer.  I searched for flower clip art, and found hundreds of designs.  I chose to print three but only used two for this project.

My supplies gathered and ready to go.

My supplies gathered and ready to go.

I experimented with a few flowers until I got them right.  I used my pencil to curl the petals a bit.

Once I had my flowers made I decided to make a little flower-like poof of paper.  It looks kind of cool.  I made two of them but only put one on my wreath.  It was super easy- just bend strips of paper and but a bunch of them together, then staple the ends.


After I had my flowers ready, I needed some type of ribbon.  I dug thought my craft supplies and found this old silk tie.  I used one end to make a loop for hanging the wreath, then hot glued the tie around the wreath like you would a ribbon.

Once that was glued, I glued on my flowers and hung it on the door!

wreath4 wreath2I like this wreath because it gives a sense of spring without the bright colors that a lot of spring items have.  Right now I still have snow in my yard, so although I’m not quite ready for bright flowers on my door,  the Valentine wreath and winter wreath don’t really fit either.  This is a cute, whimsical way to welcome spring without your neighbors thinking you’re ahead of the season.


Preschool Spring Craft

kids craft

I teach a preschool/kindergarten kids discipleship class at my church on Wednesday evenings.  Our lesson was about Jesus talking to the woman at the well and telling her about living water that will allow her to never thirst again.  He was talking about eternal life, but this is a hard concept to get a rowdy group of mostly preschool boys to understand.

Since spring is just around the corner (and here in Alaska it has been unseasonably warm) I decided to come up with something a little different than the traditional well craft.  Most kids don’t know what a well is- but they do know what a watering can is!  I wrote their names in the center of the flowers to make it more personal.

How I did it:

Using the internet and Microsoft publisher, I copied and pasted the watering can image and flower image onto a single 8.5 x 11 page.  On a separate page, I used Microsoft publisher to make a text box with the wording “Jesus waters my soul” and John 4:14.  I copied and pasted that text box so I had 4 per page.  You could do just one per page, but I waned to save some paper.  I printed and copied my pages so that there was enough items for each kid in  my class.

Since I have a bunch of preschool boys and I wanted a nice project, I chose to precut my items before class.  That way they could focus on coloring and gluing the items onto a piece of construction paper.  Otherwise, by the time they had cut out the items they would have mentally checked out and scribbled some color on them and slapped them on the page.  If you have older kids or kids who do well at sitting for projects, letting them cut out the images would be totally fine.

I think putting their names on the flower is a key element, because the subtitle is “Jesus waters my soul”.  Otherwise, it kind of just looks like a spring craft that they would do at preschool or anywhere else.


Top 10 Free Spring Printables

spring printables cover

Spring is in the air, and I’m ready to start decorating!  I scoured the internet for the best free spring printables, and here are the top 10.  Stay tuned for some awesome Easter printables coming soon!

Broom Closet Makeover- Organization at it’s finest!


When we moved into our new house, I was delighted with this under the stairs storage space.  There was already a place to hang brooms and mops, and there’s a great little crawl space to store Christmas decorations and paint so it won’t freeze in our garage.  I have never had a real place for wrapping paper, and wanted to create one in our new house.  The left wall of the closet was a great space to create storage for wrapping paper and accessories.

I love all shades of teal.  My husband does not.  So I’ve taken to painting teal in places that are hidden from most people, and in places where my husband most likely will never be.

My craft room is teal.


I painted the inside of my laundry room cupboards teal.


And now I’ve snuck it into the broom closet.  :)


I actually found this color of teal at Home Depot in their “oops” paint.  Most paint stores have a place where they sell their “oops” paint at a huge discounted price.  “Oops” paint is paint that was not tinted correctly or was not to the customer’s liking.  I got a quart of Behr paint and primer in one for $2 in the “oops” paint section.  If you are looking for paint colors and aren’t super picky about the shade, always check for an “oops” paint section first.  Keep in mind that since it was a mistake, you likely will have a hard time getting the color matched exactly if you ever need more than what is in the “oops” can.  The color matching technology today is great, but isn’t always perfect.

I decided to add color to the closet by just painting the ceiling strip.  It adds a great pop of color without being super overwhelming.  As I was painting this color on yet another aspect of my house, I couldn’t help but think that my great-grandmothers were likely painting this exact color in their houses when they were about the same age as me.  I guess great taste runs in the family!

Once I painted my awesome teal ceiling, it was time to add some storage.  Let’s start with the wrapping paper wall.


The rolls of wrapping paper are hung from a small curtain rod, three command brand wall hooks, and curtain rings.  Note that I put a hook in the middle of my rod- this is a good idea if you’re stretching your rod out super far, or just for added support.  A level would be beneficial here- I didn’t use one and mine is a bit crooked.


For the storage baskets, recycled these from things I no longer use.  The mesh basket is a wire desk paper organizer that I screwed into the wall with two drywall screws.  The screws fit perfectly in the mesh holes in the basket.  I’m using this basket to store gift bags, tissue paper, and name tags.  The other basket is a plastic basket that I’ve had since I was a teenager.  I screwed two drywall screws right through the plastic and into the wall. Keep in mind that when you’re screwing through odd materials like this, it’s a good idea to start your screws when the item is against the floor- it’s just less awkward that way!  I keep things like tape, pens, and smaller wrapping items in this basket.


On the opposite wall of the closet is my broom storage.  This nifty broom holder set-up was already there.  I decided to recycle two old wooden cd holders into storage baskets for cleaning supplies.  I really like the look of these wood cd holders, but I’ve been toting them around from old house to new house with no cds to store in them anymore.  Their size is great for storing cleaning bottles.

I added three push pins for hanging my awesome Norwex cloths, since my downstairs bathroom doesn’t really have a place to store them.


One thing to note- I highly recommend predrilling your holes before you screw into wood like this.  I was lazy and didn’t.  One basket was fine, but the other split.  Also, these baskets will hold a spray bottle or two, but I wouldn’t recommend putting super heavy stuff in them.


My next project in here?  To add a cool saying or design to the flat surface of the wall right above the crawl space.  :)

Cute Valentine’s Day Decoration

I made this last year, and to my shock I just discovered that I never blogged it!  So here it is a year later, but hey, better late than never!

The one on the left is the pin, and the one on the right is my version of it.

The one on the left is the pin, and the one on the right is my version of it.

Start by getting a small to medium embroidery hoop.  They range from $1-$5 in the store, but you can get them super cheap in thrift stores.  I found this red one for 70 cents.

A scrap piece of material you have in the house, or even found in a thrift store, can be used for the fabric.  Make sure you have sufficient room around the edges of the circle and place it in your embroidery hoop.  Don’t worry about the edges and corners yet- we’ll trim that off later.

Decide how many hearts you want and where to put them.  I used one felt heart and one fabric heart.  Trace and cut them out.

Using embroidery thread and a needle, sew your dashed lines across the circle, sewing your hearts in as you go.

Pencil in and sew over your “love” word, if you’re including it.

Add your buttons.

Trim your fabric around the circle so that it can be folded under without touching the main fabric of your piece.  Hot glue the edges of the fabric to the inside or the back of your embroidery hoop.  I would glue to the inside because gluing on the back may make it uneven when hung on the wall.

I managed to make this project from a few thrift store finds and stuff I had at home, with a grand total cost of $1.75!  Not too shabby for a cute Valentine’s decoration!

The inspiration pin came from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99149629270195324/

Cheap N Easy Heart Door Decoration


As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted something to hang on my front door that didn’t cost a lot of money.  I searched pinterest for ideas, and came up with this super easy and cute door decoration.  It’s about the same size as a wreath and cost me absolutely nothing to make, since I had the materials laying around the house.

I got the idea to use cardboard from this cardboard and yarn wreath: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99149629272489272/
I got the instructions to make my cute felt roses from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99149629272340945/


Cardboard, fabric ripped into 2-inch strips (enough to wrap around your heart), hot glue gun, glue sticks, felt, scissors.


Decide how big your want your heart.  Draw it onto your cardboard and cut it out.

Rip your fabric into 2-inch strips.  Do this by cutting a quarter inch into your fabric, then rip the rest of it.  This gives the fabric a cool textural look when it’s wrapped around the heart.

Using hot glue, begin to wrap your heart with the strips of fabric, gluing the ends to the back where you start and finish wrapping the strip.  Wrap your heart like this the whole way around.

Tie two strips together and hot glue to the back center of your heart to hang it from.


Now you’re ready to make your roses.

Start by cutting a wavy circle out of the felt. (The bigger the circle, the bigger your rose)

Turn your circle into a wavy spiral, starting from the outside and working your way to the middle.

Begin to wrap your felt spiral into a rose, beginning from the outside part and work towards the middle.

Once you’ve reached the middle of your spiral, hot glue the end to the bottom of your rose.  If your rose is extremely large, you may want to hot glue around the outer layers of felt to prevent it from falling apart.

(Picture is from www.loveoffamilyandhome.net, tutorial is paraphrased from that site as well)

loveoffamilyandhome.net’s awesome tutorial picture

Hot glue your flowers to your heart decoration.  Hang up and enjoy!