DIY Carpet Powder

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February 15, 2013 by bridgitgillis


If you have kids, pets, or enjoy fresh scents, you’ve probably used some sort of carpet powder.  If you’re concerned about saving money or about using more natural, earth-friendly ingredients in you home, making your own carpet powder is a simple way to do that.

I purchased a plastic parmesean cheese shaker for less than two dollars at the store, which is what I use to store and sprinkle my powder with.  It works great!

There are only two ingredients in my carpet powder: baking soda and about 10 drops of essential oil.  I placed a plastic bag over the top before screwing my lid on to keep the powder inside until I was ready to use it.  In this particular batch, I used DoTerra’s blend called Citrus Bliss.


NOTE ADDED June 11, 2013

I checked out some of the cat litter box powders, as well as the carpet powder for pet odor.  The main ingredient in these mixtures is borax.  Borax almost as cheap as baking soda and can be found in the laundry section at the store.  I mixed essential oils with borax and it worked well, too!


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