Easy TV Stand Cover

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February 27, 2013 by bridgitgillis


I’ve been tired of the TV stand in my bedroom for a while now. I always look at it and consider the possibilities for a makeover. It is one of those cheap half plastic/half particle board kits you buy at the big box stores. I’ve had this particular one for eight years. I had considered painting it, but I wasn’t sure how the paint would stick to the different materials. I decided to get out some extra fabric and my hot glue gun and see what happens!

The process was very easy. I had an extra sheet, and made sure to place the finished edges of the sheet in the center opening as well as around the bottom. This saved me from sewing new edges. I wasn’t too worried about the effects of hot glue around the edge of my stand, so I hot glued the fabric around the edge of the TV stand, cutting it once it reached the back. I left extra fabric on top so I could fold it over and cover the top of the stand as well.

I then took some teal fabric and ripped it (I like the look of ripped fabric) then hot glued it to the white sheet, and knotted in the middle.

Leaving the sheet open in the middle allows easy access to the DVD player underneath. I’ve discovered that the sides of the sheet easily prop open when the DVD player is in use. When I’m finished I simply cover it back up!




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