Activity Board for Kids

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March 6, 2013 by bridgitgillis

IMG_4742 IMG_4740

My son is learning his letters and numbers.  I recently made alphabet and number cards, and he really liked putting them in order.  Every once in a while the cards would get messed up and my son would get upset- I would too if I worked that hard on something!  I decided to make it a little easier for him and created this activity board.

The cardboard is a tri-fold display board.  I chose it because it folds and takes up less space.  This is the smallest one they had, and it only cost a little over $2.  I purchased strips of velcro, put the soft side on the board and cut up the opposite side to stick on the back of the cards.  I decided to laminate the cards to make them a little sturdier, but cardstock would work well also.

When I bought the velcro, the box said 4 feet, which should have been plenty…  But it is 2 feet of one half and 2 of the other, so I didn’t have enough to do a whole three rows.  Keep that in mind when you get your velcro!  (I had also considered making a felt board- not sure if that would have been cheaper…)


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