Essential Oil Travel Case- DIY


March 11, 2013 by bridgitgillis

IMG_4816 IMG_4818 IMG_4822IMG_4819 IMG_4812

It is always nice to have your oils with you when you travel.  I have a small zipper case that is very handy, but what about when I want to bring my larger bottles?  I risk the chance of breaking them, and it seems so wrong to dump them in a ziploc bag.  I made this bag for when I travel, and I used fleece with the idea that it would protect my bottles if I were to check them into my luggage when flying.

It was fairly simple to make, and since I had all of the items here at home, I saved myself some money.  The custom cases are much nicer but run about $30.  This only cost me a little time.


One thought on “Essential Oil Travel Case- DIY

  1. Michelle says:

    This is an awesome idea! You have a lot of great ideas. I’m excited to keep reading.

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