Cute Donkey Crafts- great for Palm Sunday or other Bible stories!

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March 22, 2013 by bridgitgillis

IMG_5018 IMG_5019 IMG_5020

These are two different crafts using the same donkey face.  I plan lessons for two different age groups- on is for ages 3-5 and the other is for ages 2-3.

The first two pictures are of the craft for ages 3-5.  I got the idea for this craft from  She gives an awesome step-by-step tutorial using pictures.  She also has a link to print out your own donkey face, which is what I used.  My version was a little less complex than hers, so if you have older children or are only going to do this with one or two kids, it might be worth it to see her ideas as well.

I pre-cut and folded the donkey body, pre-cut the blanket, the donkey face, and the tail.  All the kids had to do was glue on the google eyes, color their donkey and blanket, and assemble their donkey.  My class had 9 kids and 2 adults- if we’d have had more kids it might have been a disaster, but it worked out well.  I chose to staple all of the items onto the donkey instead of using glue so that they were a little more secure.

The kids loved their donkeys and they turned out super cute!


My three-year old’s donkey from class.



The third picture on the top is a donkey puppet.  I chose to make the donkey a lot simpler, yet the kids will still have fun with it.  I used the same donkey face as for the other craft, and I drew the arms and legs, colored them, then copied them on a color copier.  I pre-cut those and taped them onto the puppet ahead of time.  (It’s a little too difficult in a classroom of 2 and 3’s to have them do that themselves.

The kids will be able to color their donkey face, color the body (paper bag), then glue or tape their face onto the bag.  This age group loves puppets and I’m sure it will be a huge hit!





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