Grilled Sweet Potatoes

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April 29, 2013 by bridgitgillis


If you’re looking for a different twist to grilled sweet potatoes, this is it!  I found the basic recipe online and since have lost it- when I tried finding it again I didn’t find anything like it.  I was a little skeptical at first, but they turned out really good!


Sweet potato
Olive oil (I used olive oil spray)
Italian Seasoning
Aluminum Foil


Wash and peel your sweet potato.  Thinly slice into “chips,” making sure the slices are the same thickness.

Spray olive oil onto your aluminum foil.  Place a layer of sweet potato chips down on the foil.  Spray them with olive oil and generously salt them.  Place a second layer of sweet potato on top of the first and again spray them with olive oil and generously salt.

Shake pepper and Italian Seasoning onto the layers of Sweet Potatoes.  Cover with another piece of foil and place on the grill.

I started them on the top rack for 10 minutes, then finished them on the main part of the grill for about 6 more minutes.  If you have a lot of sweet potatoes, cooking time may be longer.  Be careful that they don’t burn, though.

These did not get hard like chips, but were very good.




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