Top 10 Laundry Rooms

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May 7, 2013 by bridgitgillis

I’ve scoured the internet to find my version of the top 10 laundry rooms.  I tried to keep it realistic, because let’s face it- most of us have a tiny corner of our homes dedicated to laundry.  Enjoy!



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I chose all three of these laundry rooms because they are very similar.  They all have a patterned focus wall, and they all have appealing organization.




Although this is not entirely my style, I like the colors.  Hanging vintage fabric over the shelving is an interesting way to hide storage.




Although this room is cluttered, I don’t notice the clutter when I first look at this room.  I notice the flowered sink cover and the rug.  Even if you are in a rental and can’t paint your boring walls, you can still bring in pops of color through fabrics and accessories.




If we could all have a closet like this, life would be grand!  I love the sliding doors.




I like the simplicity of this room.  Bringing pattern in with the ironing board cover, along with the neutral palette, make this room bright and cheerful place to do laundry.




There isn’t really anything special about this room, but the pops of yellow and green make it super appealing.




I absolutely love this room!  Chandeliers in laundry rooms, or any interesting light fixture, give them charm.  I am a big fan of teal, so this one really caught my eye.




Who wouldn’t want a room in their house like this!?




This laundry room is bright and cheerful.  Gotta love the multi-purpose counter and farmhouse sink.




A mudroom with laundry is my dream come true!  The natural light and appeal of this room is great!




To view some laundry rooms that didn’t make it on my Top 10 List or to access the source of these pictures, visit my Top 10 Laundry Room board at
Stay tuned for more Top 10 Lists.  Soon to come…  Top 10 Laundry/Craft Rooms!



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