DIY Insect Bite Spray

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June 11, 2013 by bridgitgillis


Summer is here, and in Alaska that means mosquitoes all day long!  My three-year old and I have been bit multiple times, and after dabbing lavender mixed with a carrier oil I decided to come up with an easier way.

My solution?  Witch hazel and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle.  When I was young, I remember putting witch hazel on my bug bites.  I researched it, and witch hazel is a natural ingredient and has antiseptic properties.  That combined with the lavender helps to sooth itchy skin, and it also helps to disinfect the bites that my son has scratched open.

I used about 20 drops of lavender to a 4oz spray bottle of witch hazel.  (The larger bottle)  That should be plenty to get the benefits of the lavender oil.  If you don’t like the smell of witch hazel, try adding some more lavender to mask the scent.

The bottles I used are glass bottles make for essential oil use.  It’s always a good idea to use glass when storing essential oils and mixtures.

I printed the labels out on my computer and taped them onto the bottles with packing tape.  Simple and looks better than messy handwriting.  🙂


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