DIY Dog Beds

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June 17, 2013 by bridgitgillis


Dog beds are super easy to make and are a great way to use up leftover material and the insides of old pillows or old blankets.  Both of these beds were made out of material I’ve had for a few years.  Sewing them are super easy- they’re just like giant pillows.  Fold the fabric over and trim it to the size you want.  Sew them using a heavy duty stitch, if your machine allows.  Sew from the fold down both sides of the bed, then sew in from the sides towards the middle, leaving an opening wide enough to turn the bed inside out and stuff it.  Once it’s stuffed, stitch the opening shut by hand stitching it.


The inside of these beds were made from a combination of recycled materials; part of an old bed my puppy had ripped apart, a couple of pillows I’ve had for years, and an old fuzzy blanket I cut into strips.  If you want you could even put some cedar chips inside to help with odor.  I plan to spray mine with an essential oil blend, but if you wanted you could put some cotton balls soaked in oils inside the bed.  The scent would eventually fade, but it would be nice for a while.  Be careful in doing that, though, because your dog might not like the scent and then wouldn’t use it!


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