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August 27, 2013 by bridgitgillis


When I saw this desk for sale, I knew it would be a perfect computer desk for my preschool son.  We have an older desktop computer that he uses to play educational games on the internet.  (If you have a preschooler, check out– it’s his favorite!)

My first mistake with this piece was sanding it.  If you are going to sand laminate, be prepared to put a thick layer of paint over top, and use very fine sand paper.  I used a medium-grade sandpaper to rough it up, then used a spray paint over top.  To my horror, I could see all of the sand lines through the paint!  I fixed most of it by spraying on two coats, letting them dry, sanding them with a very fine grade sand paper, then spraying another coat on top of that.

After I recovered from that fiasco, I decided to sand the edges a little and put an espresso glaze on it.  I could have gone without the sanding and glaze and the desk would have looked great.  I really like how the glaze toned down the color, though.  The glaze is nice because you decide how dark or light you’d like it to be by how much you wipe off.

As per the directions on the glaze, I finished the desk off with some water-based spray polyurethane.


Top view of the desk. You can clearly see the glaze.



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