From Blah to Bold… Kitchen Chair Makeover


August 27, 2013 by bridgitgillis

Collage 2013-08-23 21_55_46

My kitchen chairs have needed a makeover for a long time.  I have an older table that I painted the legs black to match the chairs, but it was still pretty clear that they didn’t go together.  I love the colorful aesthetic that mismatched kitchen chairs bring, so I decided to go for it!

You might have noticed that there are only three chairs.  Shortly after purchasing a set of four, one of them broke when my husband decided to stand on it.  😦   My hope is to find a bench that I can paint in similar fashion.  Until then, I’m not worried- there are only three of us in our family anyways!

Step one- Plan your attack.  Go as bold or as meek as you want.  Amazon had a great selection of vintage colors in their spray paint department, which is where I found these awesome hues.  I used one can per chair, and it was just enough to do the job!

Step two- Spray away.  We had some leftover foam board from a house project, and I decided to use it to prevent the yard from becoming a rainbow.  It is also nice to have a clean base for the chairs to sit on, so that dirt doesn’t stick to the bottoms.

Step three- To sand, or not to sand?  Sanding adds a distressed look that I really like.  I wasn’t sure how sanding over the black finish on the chairs would look.  It turned out better than I had hoped.  I hadn’t planned on the black showing through, turned out to be a littler harder to sand off than I had originally thought.  Happy mistake!

Step four- Espresso glaze.  I used this glaze for another project, and I am in love!  It is super easy to use- paint on and wipe off.  Leave a little glaze, or leave a lot.  It’s totally up to you!  The glaze tones down the bright colors, ages the appearance of the chairs, and gives the sanded parts where the raw wood is showing through a darker look.

Step five- Spray polyurethane.  If you aged your chairs by sanding or glazing, I recommend some sort of clear coat to protect the finish.  Pick up a water-based spray poly and your chairs will look amazing for years to come!




Chairs painted with no sanding or glaze





One thought on “From Blah to Bold… Kitchen Chair Makeover

  1. Tish says:

    Thanks for the posting this ~ it’s fab. I just found four Windsor chairs at Goodwill and I’m going to paint them according to your instructions here! Blessings!

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