Heart Wall Hanging

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February 1, 2014 by bridgitgillis

wall hanging

I have a small wall hanging that hangs inside my doorway, and I change it out between my Christmas one and every day.  I decided to make a simple heart one for Valentine’s Day.  This wall hanging took me two days to make- it could easily be finished in a single day or long evening.

I created my own pattern for the design, but copied the block pattern from other wall hangings that I had seen on pinterest:




I sketched out my block design and figured out how many red squares and how many black squares I would  need and what size I wanted them to be, then figure out how many triangles I would need.  For the triangles, I cut my squares an inch larger than the uncut ones.  Once they were cut in half and sewn to the opposite color, I trimmed them down to size.

Designing your own quilts and wall hangings is easy with an online quilt calculator.  (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/99149629270198673/)  You type in how many blocks and what size squares they will be, and it tells you how much fabric you will need.  It also tells you how long and wide to cut your borders and figures out binding.  Once the math is done, it’s simple!  A general rule of thumb for triangles (the squares cut diagonally) is to cut those squares an inch larger than your regular squares.  You will have to trim some excess off, but it will allow you to get a clean and exact finished square.

I chose to bind my wall hanging in the same fabric as my border, which worked out well.  I machine quilted around the heart, then quilted a smaller heart inside.

If you have never made your own design for a wall hanging before, I encourage you to try!  This size wall hanging is great because it is small, can be sketched out in detail, and only takes a day or two to complete!


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