Top 10 Essential Oils

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February 23, 2014 by bridgitgillis

If you are new to the world of essential oils, you are probably wondering where to start?  From choosing a brand of oils to deciding which to purchase, it can be a confusing process.

My first experience with essential oils was when a friend gave me a sample of doTerra’s Breathe and OnGuard.  My two-year old son was sick and I used the Breathe in a diffuser- the results were hard to ignore.  He is now four years old and I have discovered that Breathe in a diffuser gives him relief from a cough and cold better than cold medicines or honey.

Over the past couple of years, I have acquired a variety of oils, but some are definitely used more than others!  Some oils, like Frankincense, I have not included in my top-10 list because I have not used it personally.  Oils like Frankincense and Melissa can be spendy, and I have never seen the need to purchase them, although many people swear by Frankincense.

where do i begin

The first order of business is to decide which brand of oil to purchase?  There are many out there- doTerra, Aura Cacia, Young Living, Mountain Rose Herbs are the four that I personally tried before deciding on doTerra.  There is great debate among essential oil users regarding brand names of oils.  My advice to you is to do your research, try some of the different brands of oils, and decide on one that you feel is best for you.  If you will be using oils for medicinal purposes and will be putting it on your skin or diffused, you would naturally want to find a pure oil without added fillers.  If you are looking for an oil to clean with, the oil would not have to be as pure because you will not be putting it directly on your skin or diffusing it and breathing it in.

Keep in mind that even though essential oils are natural, there are still some risks while using them.  Some oils interact with various medications, some may cause an allergic reaction, some will bleach your skin if you go out in the sun immediately after application, and some are not good for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers…  So it is very important to do your research before using essential oils for medicinal purposes.

Keeping all that I have said in mind, here is my top 10 essential oils list!

top ten eo

1. Breathe – doTerra’s own blend of essential oils, I have diffused this in my son’s room to ease his cough and congestion during a cold.  Breathe can also be applied to the bottoms of feet or on the chest.  (When using essential oils on children, be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil)

2. OnGuard – This is another doTerra blend created to help fight off germs and boost your immune system.  I have made my own foaming soap using a combination of OnGuard and Peppermint oils, as well as an OnGuard sanitizing hand spray.  OnGuard diffused in a room can help kill bacteria in the air as well as help boost the immune systems of those breathing it in.  (It smells great!)  doTerra sells OnGuard beadlets, OnGuard + capsules for oral consumption, and OnGuard cleaner, soap, and detergent.

3. Peppermint – I love peppermint for it’s smell, as well as for it’s ability to fight indigestion, heart burn, gassiness, and other things that deal with the digestive system.  Peppermint is also good to use as an anti-inflammatory on injuries and muscles.  Don’t forget it’s use in cooking!  Some brands of essential oils, like doTerra and Young Living, are made for human consumption, so you can add a few drops of peppermint to your ice water or your chocolate brownies for a great surprise! (Always double check before consuming any essential oils, as even doTerra and Young Living create oils not recommended for consumption)

4. Lavender- Who doesn’t like the smell of lavender?  Put undiluted lavender on a fresh burn and you may not be able to tell where it was the next day!  Lavender is great for skin irritations and bug bites.  It can be put on pulse points to help calm emotions or put into a spray bottle and spritzed on a pillow before bed to ease sleeplessness.

5. Lemon – From cleaning to flavoring drinking water, lemon is a great addition to an essential oil collection.  Some say that drinking lemon oil in water can help rid your body of toxins.  Try some lemon oil in your chicken soup for a great twist!  (Keep in mind that a drop or two can go a long way!)

6. Melaleuca – Also known as tea tree, this oil is a potent healing machine!  It is used to fight infection and kill body fungus and athlete’s foot.  This is an important oil in anyone’s medicine cabinet!

7. Helicrysum – This great-smelling oil is used for arthritis, bruises, sprains, varicose veins, and joint and back pain.  I used this oil to help ease a pinched nerve in my neck and the difference was noticeable.

8. Oregano – This oil is comparable to antibiotics in it’s ability to kill bacteria and infection.  Many people put it on the bottoms of their feet combined with OnGuard when they are sick.  I have heard of others who ingest the oil in capsules to fight off colds, flu, and infection.  It can also be used to treat foot fungus.  This is a “hot” oil, so ALWAYS dilute it with a carrier oil before applying to skin.  Also, don’t forget the cooking potential with this oil!  (Make sure the oil is safe for consumption before adding to a capsule or food)

9. Lemongrass and White Fir – I use this combo to treat muscle strains.  While recovering from knee surgery, these oils helped my recovery greatly.  They both are used to treat sore muscles, although lemongrass has some other benefits when taken internally.

10. doTerra’s Serenity – The name of this oil blend says it all.  It was created to be applied to pulse points of the body and/or breathed in to create a sense of relaxation.  This oil has been great to help relieve feelings of anxiety.


If you are interested in purchasing doTerra oils, visit their website HERE!




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