Custom Garden Rocks- Cheap, Easy, and great for Kids!

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March 31, 2014 by bridgitgillis

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We moved into a new house last fall and I am looking for cheap and cute ways to spruce up the outdoors for spring.  There is a small flower garden outside our front window, so I decided to create some custom garden rocks to place among the flowers.  We recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, so I chose some Hawaiian-influenced designs as well as my old favorite, owls.

I involved my preschool aged son by taking him on a rock hunt at the beach.  We brought our treasured rocks home and began painting.  For my rocks, I painted a solid color for the background first.  Once it was dry, I penciled in my design, then painted it on.  The internet is a great resource for ideas, and if you aren’t very artistic you could trace or stencil a design onto the rocks.

I used water-based acrylic paints for my rocks, which can be purchased at most stores that stock craft supplies.  I let the rocks dry overnight then sprayed them with a water-based spray polyurethane to protect my art from the elements.  Even if your art will be indoors, I recommend using some sort of clear coat to protect the artwork.


Embrace spring, go on a rock hunt, and get painting!



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