DIY Bench out of Chairs


April 29, 2014 by bridgitgillis


It’s been all over the internet lately- transforming two or three average kitchen chairs into a bench.

For example of my inspiration for this project, check out the following pins:

The construction process was a little more complex than I had originally thought it would be.


I started with three identical chairs.  My first step was to remove the bottom half of the chair from the top half.  Most chairs like this are hex screws, so you will want to make sure you have the right tool.

The next thing I did was decide where I wanted to cut the chairs.  I drew a line on the bottom of the chair and used a circular saw for this part.


I needed to attach all three sets of chair legs together, so I laid them upside down in a row and screwed them to a single board.


One all of the legs were attached to the board, I flipped it upright and attached the chair backs.  I did this by screwing the remaining seat into the chair leg frame.  The backs were still a little flimsy, but I took care of that later.


The next step was to attach the 2 x 6’s to the leg frames with screws.  I chose to use a new 2 x  6 and an older, more weathered one.  This gave it some more depth and character.  When the boards were attached, I flipped the bench over and used pieces of boards to make the seat backs more sturdy by screwing one end into the chair back and the other into the boards that are now the seat.  I also screwed the chair backs together to help make it a little more sturdy.


Once the bench was sturdy, I used an electric sander to smooth off the edges and tops of the boards.  I didn’t sand the chair backs or legs, just the boards.


After the boards were sanded and smooth, the bench was complete.  I used a high gloss white spray paint to paint the bench.  It took about 3 cans of paint to complete.  At first I had planned to distress the bench with sandpaper after painting, but after seeing what it looked like I decided not to.  The boards soaked up more paint than the original chairs, and I liked the look so much I decided to leave the boards with a weathered look.


Once painted, I finished the bench off with some spray polyurethane, which will help protect it from the weather.  The polyurethane is especially needed on the boards because they weren’t completely covered with the white paint.

20140424_184809_resized 20140424_184656_resized

The end result is a cute, sturdy bench that is resistant to weather!


One thought on “DIY Bench out of Chairs

  1. Dad says:

    Looks like you got grampap Hoppers farm technology.

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