DIY Bench out of salvaged wood


May 21, 2014 by bridgitgillis


I made the white bench in front of the table out of the side of an old sandbox and some 2 x 6’s leftover from another project.  I painted it in a gloss white paint and put an outdoor grade clear coat as the finishing layer.

To begin, I decided on the length of the top of my bench.  Once cut, I cut four 18 inch pieces for the legs, one four foot piece for support directly under the seat, and two 6 inch pieces for leg support.  I did not cut the bottom support piece until after the legs were attached to make sure I knew the exact length to cut.  I attached all of the pieces with 2.5 inch drywall screws.

This is the sandbox that became the bench seat for this project.  I used the other three pieces of wood to make the table also pictured above.

This is the sandbox that became the bench seat for this project. I used the other three pieces of wood to make the table also pictured above.

Once my leg and support pieces were cut, I attached the four foot piece centered directly under the bench seat.  Since the wood I used for the seat is weathered, I decided to give it some extra support.

Once the four foot piece was attached, I attached the six inch pieces lengthwise to the ends four foot piece.  These serve as a good base to screw my legs into, which I did next.

Once the legs were attached, I measured for the bottom piece that stabilizes the legs.  I screwed the legs into the ends of this piece and my bench was almost complete.

I flipped the bench upright and screwed directly into the seat, connecting the legs, the six inch supports, and the four foot piece all to the bench seat.

Once the top was secured I was read to sand.  Since the top of the bench was very weathered and rough, I focused most of my attention there.  After sanding, I checked to see that my legs were level.  I had a bit of difficulty in this part, because my bench seat was not level to begin with.  It had bowed and weathered in different sections.  I used the power sander to try and level the legs out.

Once sanded and level, I painted the bench with a gloss paint and topped that off with a weather protectant clear coat.


The table and bench made of chairs pictured above were also made by me.  Check out how I did it!

Bench made of chairs

Table made from a sandbox and scrap wood


2 thoughts on “DIY Bench out of salvaged wood

  1. ltsblogstaff says:

    This looks good! Is it easy to do though?

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