DIY Elbow Patch

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May 28, 2014 by bridgitgillis

We all have that favorite shirt or pair of pants that is our go-to for ultimate comfort. I recently discovered that I had worn a hole through the elbow of my favorite sweatshirt. Not ready to admit defeat, I went to the store looking for a patch that would work. I found the traditional denim iron-on patches and some decorative patches, but nothing that would really work as an elbow patch. After my excursion to the store proved fruitless, I turned to Pinterest. I checked out some pictures and decided to make my own elbow patches. How hard could it really be?!

My favorite sweatshirt with a hole in the elbow.  Sad day.  :(

My favorite sweatshirt with a hole in the elbow. Sad day. 😦


Here are some of the pins that I looked at before attempting to create my own patches:


After seeing the ideas on Pinterest, I gathered my materials from my sewing closet.

Iron-on Adhesive (Fusible webbing would work if you plan to sew your patch on)

Step 1: Draw the template onto cardstock.

I chose to fold my cardstock into fours and draw my shape around the middle corner.  This way all four sides were symmetrical.


Step 2: Iron the adhesive paper onto the fabric, keeping the paper-like top layer on for now.


Step 3: Trace the template onto the adhesive paper or fusible webbing.  Cut out the elbow patches, keeping the paper-like layer on the fabric for stability if one is there.


Step 4: Peel off the paper backing from the elbow patches and iron them in place.  (Skip this step if you chose to use fusible webbing instead of adhesive backing)


Step 5: If desired, sew around the patches with a zig-zag machine stitch or hand sew a whip stitch.  (Note: I found machine stitching around my patches extremely difficult and would not recommend it unless you have very wide sleeves)  If you used fusible webbing, obviously you will need to sew the patch into place.  🙂

Finished product!

Finished product!




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