Weird Animals VBS Decorations and How-To

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July 16, 2014 by bridgitgillis


Weird Animals VBS Stage Area

The stage consisted of a waterfall, grass, flowers, and a jungle-view plastic window.


The waterfall was super easy to make and was my favorite part of the decorations.  We used green plastic tablecloths in the background and a large cross canvass for the foundation of the waterfall.  Since most churches probably don’t have a canvass of this size sitting around, a piece of plywood would work well, too.  We simply draped a blue sheet over the canvas, then followed with blue lights and a dark and light blue tulle.  We started with the blue sheet because the tulle was kind of see-through.  The rocks were created by crumpling up packing paper and taping/tacking it in place to look like rock.


The grass was time-consuming but made a good overall impact.  It was created by cutting cardboard boxes in the shapes of grass blades, then painted green.  We used two different shades of green to add depth.

The flower attached to the cart in front was made from construction paper.  The ladies that made these for us did a great job!  You will see more construction paper flowers in some other pictures as well.


The large flowers were created using pool noodles, paper plates, and 5-gallon buckets.  They were super cool and the more “weird” they look, the better!


All of the paper plate flowers complete. We painted the plates, then hot glued them together.


Once the plates were complete, I had to attach them to the pool noodles.  I poked two holes in the back of the flowers and strung craft wire through the holes, then attached the wire to the pool noodle.  Some of the flowers were heavier than others, and the pool noodles needed some extra support.  I taped a broom handle to two of the six flowers I made for added support.  Don’t be surprised if the next day your flowers need attached tighter.  Once I adjusted them, they lasted all week without falling off.


I taped the pool noodles into 5-gallon buckets.  Since my buckets were orange I decided to hot glue some confetti-like paper around the edge to give the flowers a whimsical feel.  The buckets could be spray painted green to blend in with the grass more, but I liked the orange.



Entry hallway- the kids had to walk through this hall to get to the main stage.

We decided to line our hallway with green plastic table cloths and posters of the Weird Animals.  We added green balloons to the ceiling to make it feel more jungle-like, and had vines strung throughout.

The vines were created by twisting packing paper into a tight vine-like form, then taping leaves.  It was a great look!


Beware- Weird Animals- Caution- This Side Up

These boxes were right inside the main doors to VBS.  The bottom one had holes poked in it and glowed from orange Christmas lights.




This little guy was in the ages 2-3 classroom. So cute!


I hope these ideas helped with any events you might be planning.  If we inspired you, leave us a comment and let us know!

Our Weird Animals VBS was held July 7-11th, 2014, in Soldotna, Alaska.




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