DIY Hanging Trash Bag- Super Easy!

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September 8, 2014 by bridgitgillis

trash1trash9 trash2

My recent acquisition of a new vehicle meant an excuse to make a custom trash bag!  My old one was a little dirty and too large for the space I had.  These bags are fun to make and can be custom made to any size.

Interior Liner:  To help avoid messy accidents, try to use some sort of water resistant material on the inside of your bag.  For this particular one, I cut a piece of plastic table cloth off of a picnic table that’s been in my backyard all summer.  The tablecloth won’t last another season and the corner piece was in excellent shape.  In the past, I have cut apart a reusable shopping bag from Joann Fabric’s.  They are fairly cheap, a plastic coated material, and the designs are cool.

Using a liner gives the trash holder a custom look, makes it more interesting, and can easily be wiped out.

(If you choose not to use a water resistant liner, you might opt to put a plastic bag inside your cloth trash holder.  A gallon sized Ziploc might work well.)

Step by Step Directions:

1. Chose a fabric for the inside and outside of your trash holder.  You will need slightly more fabric for the outside than the inside.

2. Decide how large you want your holder to be.  You may want to measure your space so you have an idea.  Cut your fabric 1/2 inch wider and 1 to 1-1/2 inches longer than you want your holder to be.  If you are making a custom strap for your holder, cut a strip 1-1/2 inches wide and 1 inch longer than your desired length.  (It’s always best to go longer- you can always trim it and reattach if it’s too long once it’s finished)


My material is cut and ready for the next step. The red material is for the outside, and the teal is a piece of plastic tablecloth.

I cut my rectangles 18 x 6 inches and my strip I trimmed down to 8 x 1-1/2 inches.


3. Fold down the top edges so that you have a finished look and no fraying.  Do this by placing your rectangles wrong sides together.  Fold your outside material about 1/4 inch down over the top of your inside material, then fold another 1/4 inch down.  Repeat on the other side.  Pin your folds in place.

trash5 trash6

4. You are ready to sew the bag together.  Fold it in the middle so that your outside material is on the inside.  In this case, the red material was on the inside when I sewed my bag together.  Sew the sides together, leaving the bag open where your pinned folds are.

5. Take out the pins and turn your bag right side out. (It is inside out right now)

6. Make your custom strap.  Fold your strip long ways with right sides together and sew.


In order to turn the strap right side out, I like to use a pencil with an eraser.  Insert the pencil into the strap, hold onto the end nearest the pencil point, and use the eraser to help pull out the material from the inside.

7. Once your strap is right side out, it’s time to attach it to your bag.  I chose to hand stitch the strap onto my bag.  I folded the ends of the strap under the fold at the top of the bag, and hand sewed it on.  I also hand stitched a simple row around the top fold to help the material stay in place.  I decided to add an old button to complete the look.


As I said earlier, you can use this basic design to make any size trash holder.  Below is the first one I made, using part of a reusable shopping bag for water-resistant inside.  Since this bag was wide, I attached twine to one side and a button to the other to keep it from flapping open all the time.  Also note that I used twine on this one instead of making a custom strap.  The key to twine is to tie the ends into a knot before hand sewing them on, that way they won’t slip through the stitches.



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