Cheap N Easy Heart Door Decoration

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February 2, 2015 by bridgitgillis


As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted something to hang on my front door that didn’t cost a lot of money.  I searched pinterest for ideas, and came up with this super easy and cute door decoration.  It’s about the same size as a wreath and cost me absolutely nothing to make, since I had the materials laying around the house.

I got the idea to use cardboard from this cardboard and yarn wreath:
I got the instructions to make my cute felt roses from:

valentines promo2


Cardboard, fabric ripped into 2-inch strips (enough to wrap around your heart), hot glue gun, glue sticks, felt, scissors.


Decide how big your want your heart.  Draw it onto your cardboard and cut it out.

Rip your fabric into 2-inch strips.  Do this by cutting a quarter inch into your fabric, then rip the rest of it.  This gives the fabric a cool textural look when it’s wrapped around the heart.

Using hot glue, begin to wrap your heart with the strips of fabric, gluing the ends to the back where you start and finish wrapping the strip.  Wrap your heart like this the whole way around.

Tie two strips together and hot glue to the back center of your heart to hang it from.


Now you’re ready to make your roses.

Start by cutting a wavy circle out of the felt. (The bigger the circle, the bigger your rose)

Turn your circle into a wavy spiral, starting from the outside and working your way to the middle.

Begin to wrap your felt spiral into a rose, beginning from the outside part and work towards the middle.

Once you’ve reached the middle of your spiral, hot glue the end to the bottom of your rose.  If your rose is extremely large, you may want to hot glue around the outer layers of felt to prevent it from falling apart.

(Picture is from, tutorial is paraphrased from that site as well)’s awesome tutorial picture

Hot glue your flowers to your heart decoration.  Hang up and enjoy!



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