Sewing Machine Stand Makeover

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April 1, 2015 by bridgitgillis

sewing2I got this sewing machine stand for a great price at a local thrift store.  It’s the kind of stand that allows the sewing machine fold down into the stand, then a lid  covers it when not in use.  When I did this project, I was living in a small apartment and my sewing machine had no other place to live than my living room.  This was great, because when it wasn’t in use it was tucked out of the way and I could put items on the stand as a display.

Since the stand is a low quality particle board, I lightly sanded it so the paint would adhere.  I knew I would have to paint this as opposed to stripping it because it’s not real wood.  The top had some water damage when I bought it- particle board isn’t too fond of water.  I managed to smooth most of the bubbling out that the water had caused by sanding it.  The condition wasn’t ideal, but it was worth the price I paid!

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After giving it a light sand, I chose to spray paint it an off-white color.  Before painting it, I removed the hardware to keep it’s original color.  I chose to paint the decorative handle to match the stand, but I left the hinges alone.  Usually when hinges are painted the paint rubs off anyways.  After a couple of coats of spray paint, I let it dry, then applied a brown glaze to it.  The “wipe on, wipe off” method was utilized for the glaze application. 🙂  After the glaze was fully dry, I sprayed a clear coat of polyurethane to protect it from further water damage and to keep the glaze from rubbing off.

The finished result was nicer than I had hoped and the best part is that it hides my ugly sewing machine in the living room!



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