Why I use Spark Naturals versus DoTerra and Young Living

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August 1, 2015 by bridgitgillis

One of the most important qualities of any essential oil company is quality.  The essential oils that we use are absorbed by our bodies, so purity is an important factor.  Many people will advocate for one company or another, stating that their quality is superior than any other company.  While I don’t believe that all companies are created equal, I do believe that there are a handful of essential oil companies that are equally trustworthy.

When I began using essential oils, I started using DoTerra exclusively.  While I don’t have an issue with DoTerra, my bank account did.  Their oils are on the expensive side compared to companies that offer oils of similar quality.  A contributing factor to the high price of oils with DoTerra and Young Living are their pyramid sales design and all of the money that goes towards commission and, at least in DoTerra’s case, points that are earned and used toward free product.

Spark Naturals doesn’t have this sort of sales system, and it shows in their prices.  Along with more reasonable prices, Spark Naturals offers two sizes of essential oils- the traditional 15ml, and a smaller 5ml size.  Purchasing the 5ml size is a lot easier on my budget and allows me to acquire a wider variety of oils.

The other thing that I love about Spark Naturals is their selection of essential oil accessories.  They have glass spray bottles, glass roller bottles, containers for salves, and much more.  They offer books, diffusers, and a large selection of natural bath and body products.  It makes shopping for your essential oil projects super easy.


Another great thing about Spark Naturals is their oil of the month clubs.  Their basic oil of the month club is $15.99 each month, you get the featured 15ml bottle of oil shipped directly to you, and shipping is included in the price!  The premium oil of the month club is $24.99 per month and features more expensive oils.  With the freedom to cancel anytime, this is a great way to acquire oils at a reduced price.


Although Spark Naturals doesn’t have a pyramid sales system, they do offer an affiliate program.  The affiliate program allows someone the ability to offer 10% off of every order using a specific coupon code.  The coupon code is a win-win.  It gives the consumer 10% off and the affiliate gets a small percentage of commission on each sale.  This type of affiliate program allows Spark Naturals to avoid a costly pyramid sales system while still motivating individuals to use and advertise their product.

If you’re already loyal to a great essential oil company that you trust, stick with it.  If you’re not sure or are searching for an affordable, trustworthy company, I highly encourage you to try Spark Naturals!




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