How to Bake Pine Cones


August 7, 2015 by bridgitgillis


Pine cones make neat decorations.  Especially when they smell like cinnamon!  I love cinnamon pine cones, and decided to make my own this year.

Step one was to gather the pine cones from my yard.  My 5-year-old loved helping me with this part!  We gathered our pine cones into gallon Ziploc bags, and forgot about them for a couple of days until I decided what I wanted to do with them.

Step two was to get rid of the bugs living in the pine cones.  Boy, were there bugs!  I thought maybe a couple of days in a sealed Ziploc would kill them, but that was definitely not the case.  My pine cones had pieces of grass and twigs in the bags with them (I had a 5-year-old helper, remember?) so I sorted through the pine cones, placing them on the cookie sheet and leaving a bunch of seeds and grass and twigs behind.  Oh- and BUGS.  At least 10 bugs that I could see were left in the bottom of one Ziploc bag.  I quickly sealed them up.  Before I got the pan into the oven, one escaped and ran across my stove.  I tell you all this so that you will do as I say and not as I did- just dump the whole bag out onto the tray and shove that sucker in the oven as fast as possible!

When I think of pine cones, I think of fall and cinnamon.  That is NOT what real pine cones smell like while they bake in your oven.  (Just in case you’re wondering)

I chose not to cover my cookie sheet in foil, but if your pinecones may have sap on them, it might be a good idea to cover them.

Okay, so how long?

Bake your pine cones at 200 degrees for 45 minutes.  I found varying degree and time differences online, but this worked for me.  Too high of a temp or too long in the oven can risk burning your pine cones.

I plan to scent mine, and will post another blog once I’m done.  What are your plans for your pine cones?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


One thought on “How to Bake Pine Cones

  1. Miss Caly says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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