Noah’s Ark Craft

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October 12, 2015 by bridgitgillis


I did this craft with my group of preschool and kindergarteners at church.  They all turned out  super cute, and it actually went pretty well!


Popsicle Sticks
Black Marker
Page of Animals
Glue (we used squeeze glue for the sticks and glue sticks for the papers)


Step 1) Place your sticks on your cardstock and figure out how you want your boat to look.  Draw black lines where the sticks go.  After my first one, I photocopied onto other sheets of cardstock for the class.

noah animals

Kids Visual Study Bible


Step 2) Print out your sheet of animals.  You may either use the one I have posted, or find your own.  I decided to make boxes around the animals because I have found that kids this age have a hard time cutting around items and leaving white space, they often tend to cut all of the details which takes too long for our time frame.  Providing the boxes gives them a concrete line to cut along.  If you have younger kids in your group you may want to precut some animals.  In my class of 10 I had 4 kids who wanted/needed them precut and another who I had to help because it was taking him too long.


Step 3) Pass out your materials and have fun!  Be sure to give good directions.  I chose to have my kids use squeeze glue to glue the sticks onto their papers, as glue sticks often just don’t do the job.  After some instruction on the proper use of squeeze glue, most of the kids did okay.  I had them squeeze a small amount onto the black lines then place their sticks on.  After that, they cut and glued their animals wherever they wanted.  Some kids used all the animals, and some didn’t- I left it up to them.

Step 4) Be sure to leave plenty of drying time before the kids transport their craft.



Route 66: A Trip through the 66 Books of the Bible


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