4-Ingredient Foaming Hand Soap/Body Wash


December 28, 2015 by bridgitgillis

body wash

My first attempt at making my own body wash was a huge success.  With just four ingredients and a little bit of guessing, it turned out way better than I had hoped.  My biggest fear with my own body wash was that it wouldn’t have that “clean” smell that soap has.  I was pleasantly surprised with the light, “clean” scent left on my skin after using this body wash.  There was just enough oil in it to make my skin soft and moist without feeling greasy.  This blend is versatile, and can be used as a body wash or has a hand soap.  If you haven’t tried making your own body wash or hand soap, give it a try!  You won’t be disappointed!

Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Empty foaming soap dispenser (you can buy these new, or recycle an empty one)
  • Liquid castile soap (I chose unscented, but Dr. Bronner’s brand also has peppermint and lavender if you’re feeling brave!)
  • Rose Water
  • Jojoba Oil (or another similar oil good for skin)
  • Lemongrass Spa’s Body Spritz (Optional- I used this to add a bit more scent: they come in Eternal Bliss, Coconut Lime Vanilla, Grapefruit Lilly, Pink Shimmer, and Pomegranate. They are all natural with no chemicals.)
    • Purchase them here from Lemongrass Spa
  • OR instead of the body spritz, you can add essential oils of your choice!

The amount of each ingredient you will need depends on the container you will be using.  I recycled a foaming hand soap dispenser.

body wash3



  1. I began by filling 1/3 of the dispenser with rose water. (Approx. 4 ounces)
  2. Next, I added 2-3 tablespoons of jojoba oil.  Start with 2, and you can add more later if desired.
  3. Then add about 3 tablespoons or so of the body spritz.  The scent I chose was Eternal Bliss, and I found that it blends well with the scent of the rose water.  Keep in mind that this only lightly scents your body wash.  (If you are opting to use essential oils, add them on this step.)
  4. Last, add the castile soap up to the fill line on your bottle. Shake and enjoy!  Keep in mind that you will have to shake the bottle before each use, as the contents separate after sitting a while.



One thought on “4-Ingredient Foaming Hand Soap/Body Wash

  1. carmanjh says:

    I am anxious to try this!

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