DIY Vintage Button Heart Sign


January 17, 2016 by bridgitgillis


This cute heart sign is great for Valentine’s day or for decor all year round.  With few supplies and its easy design, this project makes a great project for a snowy evening.

Items Needed:

Canvas or Wood (8 x 10 inch canvas is pictured)
Pink and gray craft paint
Paint brushes
Vintage buttons
One piece of cardstock (Gray or pink)
Hot glue



  1. Paint the canvas or wood with the pink paint.  I used a gloss craft paint, but any color or sheen will do.  I personally like the gloss for this particular project.
  2. While the pink paint dries, cut a heart shape out of the cardstock.  Use the hot glue to attach the buttons to the heart, being sure to get close to the edges.
  3. While your buttons are cooling and firming up, paint the “love.” phrase on your canvas.  I wrote it freehand with pencil, then painted over the pencil with gray paint using a tiny paint brush.
  4. When the”love.” is dry, decide where you want your buttoned heart to go.  Carefully and quickly apply hot glue to the back of the cardstock heart, then apply it to the canvas.
  5. Let dry about an hour and enjoy!



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