Summer task list for kids


May 18, 2016 by bridgitgillis

A version of this has been circulating facebook recently, and I wanted to create one with pictures for my 6-year old who is still learning to read.  I think it’s a great idea!  Our kids these days love their technology, and it’s an uphill battle to always regulate time.  For the summer, electronics time will not be monitored but my son with have to complete the following list first.  It’s a great win-win for everyone.

holiday rules2



6 thoughts on “Summer task list for kids

  1. danmelislyle says:

    I love this idea. I’d love if I could share this with my readers! Could I direct them to your site?

  2. camille M. says:

    How can I print this?

  3. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much! My son loves picture lists like this. What a great idea!

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