DIY Acne Toner with Essential Oils

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June 4, 2016 by bridgitgillis

Looking for a great way to give acne the old one-two? Try this all-natural DIY toner which combines the power of Spark Naturals alcohol-free (read: skin-friendly) witch hazel with Melaleuca, Lavender & Melissa essential oils!

•2 drops Melaleuca EO
•5 drops Lavender EO
•2 drops Melissa EO (opt.)
•2 drops Clary Sage EO (opt.)
•2oz alcohol-free Witch Hazel

Combine all EOs in a 2oz glass sprayer and fill to top with witch hazel. Shake to combine and before each use.

Get all of the items needed in this recipe in one place, from Spark Naturals.  They have all sorts of accessories and quality essential oils that won’t break the bank.  Use coupon code PINTERESTINSPIRATION for 10% off your order every time you shop.


*Photo credit and recipe courtesy of Spark Naturals’ Facebook post

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