Religious Halloween Printables


October 21, 2016 by bridgitgillis

Everyone has their own personal opinions about Halloween.  Those opinions aside, Halloween can be a great way to spread the Gospel of Jesus to kids and families.  For the past five years, my church has hosted a Harvest Carnival for the community, and these are some of the free printable items we have used in years past.



Super cute coloring page that compares the light inside a Jack’O’Lantern to the light of Jesus that shines within believers.


These amazing coloring pages relay the gospel message is a sequence of five coloring pages.  Print them and turn them into a booklet for kids to take home.  Print these pages here.


These pumpkin prayer bookmarks are a great way to spread the Good News.  Print some off and hand out with candy, or give them out to your Sunday School Class.  A printable version can be found here.



This cute printable was found here.




This printable book can be printed as a coloring booklet, or in full color.  Although a bit time consuming to fold in mass quantities, we have distributed these at our outreach events because the story is so good!  Access the printable book here.


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