SIMPLE Christmas Mantle Ideas

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November 16, 2016 by bridgitgillis


A lack of time, money, or inspiration doesn’t meant that you have to have a bland mantle for Christmas this year.  I’ve scoured Pinterest for the simplest, easiest Christmas mantle decorating ideas I could find- and I’m sharing them with you!

Most of these simple designs follow the same pattern.  Choose a large focus piece for the center of your mantle display (a large picture, sign, or wreath) and decorate around it.  Following are some of my favorite simple mantle displays.

For the original sources of these photos, check out my Pinterest board.


The barn door looks like it’s wrapped in this picture, but you can get the same effect by wrapping a piece of cardboard in wrapping paper or fabric and adding a bow.  Tie matching fabric pieces to small trees to mimic the look.


Make the kids center stage by framing artwork.


TV on your mantle? Decorate around it! I love how they used gold accents to match the gold fireplace.


Create an “O Holy Night” sign similar to this with my tutorial here.


Frame some free printable Christmas art and you have an amazing centerpiece!


Take a simple wreath and every day decor up a notch with matching bows in Christmas prints.


I love this cute coastal look that incorporates starfish into the design.  Paint a variety of different shaped letters white and hot glue them to a backdrop for a similar look.


Use a tapestry or picture that you already have and dress it up by surrounding it with pretty decor.  I love how the trees and picture here can be used year-round in other applications.


This photo is what simple elegance is all about.


Everyone has a few minutes to replace their white candles with red and add a banner to their mantle!


I love the combination of vintage and modern in this photo.



I love the simplicity and ruggedness of this decor.  I demonstrate how to make a pallet sign in this tutorial, which you could easily interpret into a sign similar to this one.


This festive display didn’t take a lot of time to assemble, but looks sophisticated.  Make the NOEL sign yourself by painting wooden letters and hot gluing them together.


This simple display is an eye-catcher with it’s large chalkboard.


I love the fun colors in these festive decorations.  Make a sign similar to this one by painting boards white and red, and gluing on letters painted blue.



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