DIY Dark Spot Serum

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June 17, 2017 by bridgitgillis



Dark spots, or age spots, are caused by an excess production of melanin, or skin pigment.  They can develop for a variety of reasons, most often from skin aging and sun or UV light exposure.  I’ve recently developed dark spots on my face from time spent in the sun, and after some over-the-counter lotions failed to produce visible results, I’ve gone the essential oil route.

I researched essential oils beneficial in this application, and have come up with my own recipe for dark spots.  Since this recipe includes lemon oil, it is imperative that you only apply this serum in the evening or if you will not be exposed to sunlight for approximately 12 hours.  Lemon oil, along with other citrus oils, is phototoxic.  The Skin Cancer Foundation states, “A phototoxic reaction typically shows up as an exaggerated sunburn, usually occurring within 24 hours of sun exposure.”  If you prefer to use the serum throughout the day, you can omit the lemon oil.

Add the following essential oils in a 10ml roller or dropper bottle.  Top with your preferred carrier oil. (I chose to use coconut oil)

Apply in the evening, or omit the lemon oil for twice daily use.




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