Spring Craft- Jesus Loves Me


March 9, 2014 by bridgitgillis


Today I found myself scrambling for a craft to use in my Kindergarten class at church.  I wanted something that said “spring is here!” yet also had to do with God’s love.

I drew the tulips and their letters on a piece of copy paper, then went over it in black marker.  On another piece of copy paper, I drew the flower pot and words with black marker.  I photocopied the pages so each kid would have a set.

20140309_154209_resized 20140309_154235_resized

I gave each kid a piece of green construction paper (normal size) and a large (12×18 inches) piece of construction paper in the color of their choice.  Add scissors and a glue stick, and they were set!  I had them trace and cut out their hands on the green paper first, then let them color and cut the other pieces.

The kids in my class did very well with this project, although some Kindergarteners may have found the cutting too difficult or tedious.  If you have a group of kids that you think will have difficulty, you may want to precut the flowers ahead of time.  If you have a mixed group as I sometimes do, it may be beneficial to have some precut flowers and some on a sheet, then give them the choice between the two.


4 thoughts on “Spring Craft- Jesus Loves Me

  1. […] “Jesus Loves Me Craft” (Easy construction paper craft.  I would change the word “love” to “prays for” to fit this week’s lesson.  Enjoy!) […]

  2. This is a wonderful idea for my children and their friends for sleep overs, parties and church activities. I would love to see how they can be so created using this information. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you so much! It’s late Saturday night, been working outside all day, just want to go to bed…but I needed something fast and easy for Sunday School tomorrow!! This is perfect — thank you:)

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